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Chess in Concert


Wednesday 13th - Saturday 16th April 2016


Woodside Hall, Hitchin

Tickets £12.50


Music by Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus

Lyrics by Anthony Tim Rice

Based on an idea by Tim Rice


This amateur production of "Chess" is presented by

special arrangement with Samuel French, Ltd.


Musical Director: Hannah Long

Director: Ian Hamilton

Choreographer: Sarah Bailes 

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Cast List
Freddie Trumper Wesley Hughes
Anatoly Sergievsky Kier Home
Florence Vassey Gina Abbatt
Svetlana Sergievsky Philippa Bayfield
The Arbiter Barbara Thomas
Alexander Molokov Mike Barker
Walter De Courcey Jonathan Fletcher
Pop Choir

Melanie Plowman-Cobb
Kate Webb
Alison Hudson
Sarah Cunningham
Sera Lowe
Mark Savage
John Cleverley
Bryan Summers


Alison Hudson
Holly Böhme
Melanie Plowman-Cobb
Sue Rayner


Sarah Bailes
John Beal
Gwenda Beech
Holly Böhme
Marianne Bond
Anna Carter
Caroline Christofi
Joanna Chugg
Margaret Coxall
Alison Day
Alan Dickinso
Jackie Duff
Lesley Greasley
Phil Hall
Ian Hamilton
Viv Hamilton
Judith Harrison
Wendy Hazelwood
Caroline Hirst

Andy Johnson
Jack Lardent
Sheila Mole
Nick Morgan
Keith Mortland
Jan Nash
Ann Peacock
Keryle Rutherford
Jackie Sayer
Julia Skinner
Pat Staff
Mike Steele
Peter Steele
Elizabeth Sturges
Trevor Sturges
Vivienne Tadman
Andrea Thorpe
Jane Tunesi
Andrew Wyllie

Production Photos
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