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Crazy For You

Book by Ken Ludwig, based upon the original book by Guy Bolton & John McGowan Music by George Gershwin Lyrics by Ira Gershwin& additional lyrics by Gus Kahn & Desmond Carter Opened on Broadway 19 February 1992 Produced by Elizabeth Williams and Roger Horchow

9th to 14th March 1998
At Gordon Craig Theatre,
Lytton Road,
Production Director - Jim Snell, Musical Director - John Edwards, Choreographer - Mollie Gilbert.

The "new Gershwin musical ", "Crazy for you" was based upon the 1930 Gershwin' musical "Girl Crazy" . However, whilst the storyline of a New York playboy going West and falling in love with a local girl was retained, along with five of the Gershwins' unique and well-loved songs; the authorisation by the Gershwin estate to write a new book and their consent to access and use songs from the Gershwin canon led to the realisation of one of the great revivals of the 1990's, both on Broadway and in the West End. The "new musical" is the summation of a number of ingredients imperative for magical, foot tapping entertainment: a wonderful score, a witty and clever book, a traditional tale of love with a happy ending and energetic choreography from beginning to end. The Hitchin Thespians are proud to be given the opportunity to be one of the first amateur companies in the UK to present this musical. This show will be produced by Jim Snell, with John Edwards as Musical Director and choreography by Mollie Gilbert.


ACT 1 - Bela Zangler, producer of the Zangler's Follies, is in love with his dancer director, Tess. Bobby Child, heir to a banking family, longs to be in show business. Irene, Bobby's fiancée is haranguing him about this or that. Bobby's mother is insistent that he goes to Deadrock, a small mining town in Nevada, to foreclose on a property.... three days later, Bobby staggers into Deadrock whereupon he sees Polly, the only woman in town, and immediately falls in love with her. Polly's father, Everett, owns the very theatre that Bobby has business with. They receive a letter to say a certain Bobby Child is charged with foreclosing the property but when Polly meets and falls in love with him, she is unaware this is the character to whom she promised to "do something ugly" if she met him. When she does find out, Polly slaps him across the face and flees, heartbroken. Bobby has an idea that if they put on a show in the theatre, they could save it. He persuades his friends, the Follies, to come to Deadrock and masquerades as Bela Zangler: saying he has been sent by Bobby Child. The preparations for the show proceed but on the opening night only two visitors arrive - they had not come to see the show, but to write a review of the saloon owned by Lank. The company are down but Polly points out that since "Zangler" came along, the whole town has come alive. Their gloom turns to celebration and in their jollity, nobody sees the real Zangler arrive.

ACT 2 - Still celebrating, Bobby asks Polly to marry him. She refuses saying she is in love with "Zangler". Bobby tries to explain that he is "Zangler" but Polly doesn't believe him. The real Zangler tells Tess that because his wife has left him, he has sought her in Deadrock. The two "Zanglers", both drunk, bemoan their fortunes. When Polly finds them out cold the next morning, she realises Bobby was telling her the truth but rather than being pleased, feels humiliated. The company decide not to try to revive the show so Bobby returns to New York . Polly is too proud to admit that she loves him and lets Bobby leave. Zangler in the meantime decides to revive the show and succeeds in drawing full houses. Lank and Irene marry . But all is not well in Deadrock or New York, Polly and Bobby are still in love and go in search one for the other. With such realisation of love, Everett and Mother fall in love and when Polly unexpectedly returns to Deadrock, the tale of love is complete as Polly & Bobby run into each others arms and begin dancing.

(In order of appearance)

Tess - Allison Smyth
Patsy - Michelle Arnold
Bobby Child - Jonathan Underwood
Bela Zangler - David Springate
Mitzie - Ranae Gray
Irene Roth - Veronica Crowley
Mother - Sheila Soothill
Mingo - Iain Rutherford
Sam - Mark Savage
Polly Baker - Lesley Houldcroft
Moose - Jack Lardent
Everett Baker - Arthur Warne
Lank Hawkins - Brain West
Eugene Fodor - Roger Newman-Turner
Patricia Fodor - Katy Bonja

Zangler Follies
Michelle Arnold, Samantha Balch, Eileen Bone, Lucy Day, Ranae Gray, Michelle Johnstone, Marie Knight, Donna Potter, Allison Smyth, Alison Willis

Deadrock Townsfolk
Paul Adams, Ron Burton, Elise Carr, Joanna Chugg, Chris Drake, James Hamilton, Louise Hollingworth, Neil Johnston, Nick Morgan, Keith Mortland, Carl Rutherford, Vivienne Tadman, Barbara Thomas, Andrew Wyllie

A selection of pictures from the show. Click on images to see larger version.

Song: "Can't be bothered now". Finale Act 1, "I've got rhythm". Shall we Dance? Stiff Upper Lip The Finale Act 2. The Cast on stage.

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