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Fiddler on the Roof


The Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage


5th-10th October 2009

Producer: Linda Dyne
Musical Director: John Edwards


Tevye, the milkman


Steve Wilks
Golde, his wife - Judith Coen
Tzeitel  )                     - Melanie Plowman
Hodel  )                     - Nicola Niles
Chava  ) his daughters - Katie Lambert
Shprintze  )                     - Charlotte Roberts
Bielke  )                     - Emma Roberts
Yente, the matchmaker - Julia Nicolson
Motel, the tailor


Charles Langford
Perchik, the student - James Hamilton
Lazar Wolf, the butcher - Dominic Baker
Mordcha, the innkeeper - Chris Ingley


Stephen Holder
Mendel, his son - Sam Rayner
Avram, the bookseller - Mike Roberts
Nachum, the beggar


David Smith
Grandma Tzeitel - Katy King
Fruma Sarah - Barbara Thomas
Constable - Mike Barker
Fyedka - Kier Home
Shandel, Motel's mother   Chris Fox
Fiddler   Sarah Jones

Paul Adams, Michael Bailes, Sarah Bailes, Donna Barrett, Holly Bohme, Caroline Bonja,
Phil Calver, Alison Day, Alex Evans, Isaac Evans, Judith Harrison, Caroline Hirst,
Andy Johnson, Laura Johnson, Dean Kirkbride, Frazer Lucas, Kirsty McArthur,
 Nick Morgan, Mark Savage, Julia Skinner, Bryan Summers, Vivienne Tadman.

Andrew Davies, Bethany Duxbury, Colette Mitchell, Gareth Thomas.

Production Photographs
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