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La Cage Aux Folles

Music and Lyrics by Jerry Herman
Book by Harvey Firstein
22nd September - 27th September 1997
At Gordon Craig Theatre,
Lytton Road,
Voted Best Musical on Broadway in 1983, winning 6 Tony awards!

We are proud to present this glamorous and lavish show for your enjoyment. It is set in Saint Tropez in the south of France. La Cage Aux Folles is a club that presents spectacular shows with dancers and singers of both genders in flamboyant dresses of sequins with feather boas.

Musical Director Roger Heath, and Produced by Jim Snell assisted by Mollie Gilbert.


Albin/Zaza Stephen Chalkley
Georges David Springate
Jacob Ian Hamilton
Jean-Michel Carl Rutherford
Anne Melanie Truett
M.Dindon Arthur Warne
Mme.Dindon Sheila Soothill
Jacqueline Veronica Crowley
Francis Michael Roberts
M.Renaud Anthony Gordon
Mme.Renaud Brenda Cundell

Les Cagelles
P Arend, S Balch, A Evans, P Gonzales, R Gray, S Latter, D Potter, M Savage, A Wyllie

St. Tropez Townspeople
Kiersten Adams, Peter Bailey, Roger Bailey, Roy Benney, Eileen Bone, Katy Bonja, Ron Burton, Elise Carr, Joanna Chugg, Brenda Cundell, Anthony Gordon, Lesley Houldcroft, Sue Kenny, Sarah Mills, Keith Mortland, Allison Smyth, David Young, Mary Young

Off-Stage Singers
Annette Wilson, Nick Morgan

A selection of pictures from the show. Click on images to see larger version:

'Masculinity'. A lesson for Albin. Promenade at Saint Tropez. Anne and Jean-Michel dancing, 'With You On My Arm'. The family preparing for a visit by Anne's parents. La Cage Aux Folles club in full swing.

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