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Me and My Girl

Music by: Noel Gay

Book and lyrics by: L. Arthur Rose and Douglas Furber

Contributions or revisions by Mike Ockrent

Book revised by: Stephen Fry

The Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage
Monday 6th March to Saturday 11th March 2006

Production Director Malcolm Hollow
Musical Director Martyn Notley

This very funny story surrounds Bill Snibson, a Lambeth costermonger, who has just been revealed to be the new Earl of Hareford and his newly-discovered aristocratic relations are horrified. They make every attempt to educate him to be a suitable holder of the Title, with chaotic results. With a host of hilarious characters, witty one-liners and several toe-tapping, uplifting songs (including Lambeth Walk, The Sun Has Got His Hat On, Leaning On A Lamppost) Me and My Girl is a sublime and sunny treat for all fans of musical comedy.

Cast List

Bill Snibson Carl Rutherford
Sally Smith Nerys Martin
Gerald Bolingbroke Matt Greenbank
Jacqueline Carstone Sami-Jo Latter
Maria, Duchess of Dene Maz Greenbank
Herbert Parchester Mike Barker
Charles, The Butler Trevor Coultart
Lord Battersby Colin Wilson
Lady Battersby Nicola Niles
Mrs Brown Jean Austin
Dancers: Sarah Baffles, Holly Bohme, Caroline Bonja, Alison Day, Tracey Gwynne, Michelle Marple, Sarah Morley, Melanie Plowman
Chorus: Jean Austin, Anna Hallett, Caroline Hirst, Katy King, Nicola Niles, Sheila Soothill, Pat Staff, Tasha Staff, Zoe Stubbs, Viv Tadman, Barbara Thomas, Nicola Wilson, Peter Bailey, Neil Canfer, Cliff Gulbis, Jack Lardent, Steven Monaghan, Nick Morgan, Keith Mortland, Bryan Summers, Colin Wilson, Andy Wyllie.

Production Photographs - Click for larger photos


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