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The Mikado

Director Jim Snell
Musical Director John Edwards

Tuesday 16th to Saturday 20th October 2007
Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage

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Set in the town of Titipu where flirting is punishable by death, Nanki Poo, son of the Mikado but masquerading as a musician, is prepared to lose his head, literally, for Yum-Yum the love of his life. Will love triumph? Can everyone keep their heads? What is the purpose of the Mikado's surprise visit?
There is much confusion and laughter before the story comes to a happy conclusion.


The Mikado Chris Waghorn
Nanki Poo Tom Evans
Ko-Ko Colin Wilson
Pooh-Bah Mike Niles
Pish-Tush Stephen Chalkley
Yum-Yum Nicola Niles
Pitti-Sing Gina Abbatt
Peep-Bo Kate Harding
Katisha Barbara Thomas
Female Chorus Male Chorus
Chris Fox Philip Arend
Lynne Leggatt Ron Burton
Lucy Miller-White Eddie Cullum
Melanie Plowman Kier Home
Jean Austin Andy Johnson
Margaret Coxall Peter Keates
Lesley Greasley John Keogh
Katy King Charles Langford
Pat Staff Keith Mortland
Caroline Bonja Bryan Summers
Lilian Dixon Ian Turner
Tracey Gwynne  
Julia Nicolson  
Viv Tadman  
Nicola Wilson  

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