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Past Productions

Hitchin Thespians Present:

The Music Man

Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage

8th - 13th March 2010

Producer: Jim Snell

Musical Director: John Edwards

Choreographer: Sarah Bailes

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Travelling Salesmen Paul Adams
Philip Arend
Michael Bailes
Martyn Bignell
Nick Morgan
Michael Niles
Charlie Cowell Charles Langford
Harold Hill Tom Evans
Mayor Shinn Stephen Holder
Ewart Dunlop Ian Hamilton
Oliver Hix Mike Roberts
Jacey Squires Kier Home
Olin Britt Mike Steele
Marcellus Washburn Mike Barker
Tommy Djilas Connor Lalitte
Marian Paroo Nicola Niles
Mrs Paroo Katy King
Amaryllis Bethany Duxbury (Mon, Wed Fri & Sat Eve)
Collette Mitchell (Tues, Thurs & Sat Mat)
Winthrop Paroo Adam Discipline (Mon, Wed Fri & Sat Eve)
Andrew Davies (Tues, Thurs & Sat Mat)
Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn Alex Evans
Zaneeta Shinn Katie Lambert
Gracie Shinn Katherine Males
Alma Hix Lucy Miller -White
Maud Dunlop Vivienne Tadman
Ethel Toffelmier Julia Nicolson
Mrs Squires Tracey Gwynne
Constable Locke Philip Arend
Martyn Bignell, Holly Bohme, Caroline Bonja, Christopher Collett, Caroline Hirst, Michelle Johnstone, Sarah Jones, Frazer Lucas, Marie Marcantonio, Kirsty McArthur, Mark Savage, Lindsey Williams.
Paul Adams, Philip Arend, Jean Austin, Michael Bailes, Sarah Bailes, Judith Coen, Lizzie Cree, Judith Harrison, Rhian Hegarty, Jack Lardent, Nick Morgan, Michael Niles, Julia Skinner, Pat Staff, Bryan Summers, Vivienne Tadman, Barbara Thomas, Nicole Thomas, Melanie Troiano, Kate Webb
Children's Ensemble (RED TEAM - Mon, Wed Fri & Sat Eve)
Anna Bourbousson, Imogen Harper, Amie Heath, Chloe Heath,
Dean Kirkbride, Haydn Mullane, Rebecca Wood
Children's Ensemble (BLUE TEAM - Tues, Thurs & Sat Mat)
Amélie Bernard, Chloe Bernard, Jemma Grigson, Louis Marcantonio,
Charlotte Platten, Emma Roberts, Jake Seabrooke

Dress Rehearsal Photographs
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Rehearsal Photographs
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