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Past Productions

Pirates of Penzance

A new version of Gilbert & Sullivanís

The Pirates of Penzance

The Joseph Papp Production

30th September to 5th October 1996 at Gordon Craig Theatre

Production Director: Jim Snell     Musical Director: Roger Heath


The Pirate King - Michael Niles
Samuel - Simon Latter
Frederick - John Barron
Ruth - Veronica Crowley
Edith - Katy Bonja
Kate - Michelle Arnold
Isabel - Kate Roberts
Mabel - Adele Walker
Major-General Stanley - Arthur Warne
Sergeant of Police - Ian Hamilton


Major-Generalís Daughters
Kiersten Adams, Gillian Bailey, Kiersten Hodgkiss, Louise Hollingsworth, Lesley Houldcroft,
Barbara Logan, Carolyn Roberts, Allison Smyth, Melanie Truett, Annette Wase,
Jane Whitfield, Alison Willis

Eileen Bone, Margaret Coxall, Brenda Cundell, Vivienne Tadman, Mary Young, Rose Saunders

Philip Arend, Paco Gonzales, Paul Harris, Keith Mortland, Michael Roberts, Mark Savage, Andy Wyllie

Paul Adams, Peter Bailey, Roger Bailey, Mick Bullen, Ron Burton, Joe Delay, James Hamilton,
Jack Lardent, Nick Morgan, Carl Rutherford, James Willis, David Young

Production Photographs - Click for larger photos

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